Violet Darkling jewellery

Fascinated with ‘the darkness’ and all things nocturnal Violet Darkling (the alter ego of New Zealand born designer Louisa Richwhite) has teamed up with her outdoor roots and quirky sense of humour to bring to life the imaginings of a creative mind.

With the tool of enviable artistry, the artist has conjured an aura of magnanimous mystery and macabre magnetism, which is rendered through the exquisite assimilation of colour, metal and gemstones. VD jewellery alludes to the romantic notion that there is an inherent beauty etched in the sordid sadness that often accompanies death. Imbued in the fantasy of the jewellery’s edgy aesthetic is a nebulous luminosity that is simultaneously strange and stunning. The designs are enveloped in the decorative drama of dark and deadly delectability. Bold, brazen and bad in a cook-the-broth-stir-the-potion sort of way, the mesmerising magic inherent in each VD piece attacks the senses with the spellbinding ferocity of fairytale phantasmagoria. Beautifully bewitching, Violet Darkling’s jewellery is art at its most dynamic and entrancing.

The artist’s current collection features designs for both men and women, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets and cufflinks. The most spectacular piece in the VD range is a striking ring that has been realistically modelled on the skull of a wide-eyed tarsier, a nocturnal primate of the Philippines.

Love, love LOVE Violet Darkling. See below for some of her pieces and be sure to visit to view the full range:

Photographs: Martner and Mowat

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