Why Glee will never win

Where was the glitz? Where was the glam? Where was the EXTRAVAGANZA? At least there was a kiss…

… other than that, Nationals was disappointingly low-key.

New Directions placed 12th. Not a bad rank out of fifty but nowhere near a win. Consequently, the Gleeks will carry on as… gleeks. And so the perpetuating cycle of Losers vs Winers will… perpetuate… with slushies in abundance. As it should be.

Glee would not work as a show if the kids from New Directions won. Or perhaps the point is that no matter how well they do in Glee Club, they will always be outsiders (aka ‘losers’) even if they win. Hopefully season three will broach the subject.

In the meantime, fans have everything to look forward to: the ever illusive win, some more sucky face from Rachel and Finn, delicious Diva deluxe from Kurt (who is back in stupendous form), the racial jibes sure to sprout from the surprise pairing of Sam and Mercedes, will Santana ‘come out’?, will Ms Pillsbury and Mr Schue finally get it on?, more of Sue’s awesome hair jibes (which are never tiresome), has Brittany had a brain transplant turning her smart?, where the shit is Coach Beast (btw)? and some kickass show choir choreography…

Bring it!