Will and Kate cast in cake


Will & Kate got married and lots of dumb shit was produced in their honour. Read and weep.

How ‘bout some Will & Kate for tea? Chow down on some eyeball with a taste of nose and tongue, and wash it down with a spot of Chai. Yum!

Eating Royalty doesn’t have to be an ‘only in the movies’ type scenario…

A British woman’s entry into The Ideal Home Show’s Cake Decorator of the Year contest (a London cake decorating competition) featured a 3D cake bust of Prince William and Kate. Forget blood and brains (sorry to disappoint!); think traditional English fruit cake lathered in apricot jam and frosting. And no scoffing – you know you’d eat the shit out all that deliciousness.

Being carved in cake is a pretty awesome achievement (it’s certainly on my top ten list of things to do); it’s just a pity that Will & Kate look pretty much nothing like themselves – sponge will do that to a person. Perhaps ‘fruit cake’ was the incorrect medium – all those lumpy raisins are not good for the features. I guess it’s easy to mock from afar (my culinary version would’ve been a soccer ball with frosting for eyes and perhaps a Sainsbury’s cupcake for a nose) but it I think that it is clear to all that Kate’s face is not square and pink, and Will’s features are a little less um… sharp?

Aside from the obvious strangeness of casting an effigy in cake; taking a bite out of Prince William’s face is a little creepy… in a Hannibal-Lecter-eat-me-with-some-fava-beans kind of way…

…or is that just me?