Will & Kate get inked


Will & Kate got married and lots of dumb shit was produced in their honour. Read and weep.

The latest on the royal regalia front is that Will and Kate are to be immortalised in comic book caricature. If you simply cannot be persuaded out of your royal wedding paraphernalia fetish – you simply must have it all – then a Will and Kate comic is one of the ‘cooler’ celebratory purchases to be made (in as far as any royal wedding commemorative item can be qualified as ‘cool’).

Bluewater Productions, the independent publishing company, is gearing for the launch of a biographical comic book based on the life of Prince William. The comic explores a life lived under the beady eye of the public as well as the media-driven phenomenon of royal celebrity – it will include stories on the Prince’s birth, the tragic death of his mother Diana; his schooling, charitable work and military service.

The first edition of Fame: The Royals is scheduled for an April 2011 release to coincide with the nuptials of Will and Kate, which will be celebrated by Bluewater with a special wedding issue. This issue will be penned by CW Cooke (Fame: Taylor Swift and Fame: Beyonce) and pencilled and inked by Pablo Martinena (Political Power: Bill Clinton and Fame: David Beckham), and aims to provide a fresh take on the burgeoning eight year romance between the royal couple. It will also take a look at the planning involved in the ‘wedding of the century’ – whether it will be a fairy-tale extravaganza or minimalist and modern, and not forgetting big headline hitters like venue, dress, carriage and honeymoon, all of which will undoubtedly make an appearance in Cooke’s storyline.

And in case you haven’t had enough of Will and Kate (and of course where there is money to me made)…

… Bluewater is publishing a special royal wedding commemorative collector’s edition graphic novel to complement the ‘regular’ wedding issue. The 40-page-plus flip-book will include a unique double-sized cover by Martinena that will feature several extras – pinup posters, special illustrations of the wedding as well as a comparison with Diana and Charles’ 1981 wedding – not included in the standard release. The special collector’s edition is scheduled for a May release and is available from several online venues including Barnes & Noble and Borders online stores, and is available for pre-order on Amazon NOW.

If there ever was a way to undermine the pomp and ceremony of royal occasion, it is the pop-culturalisaiton of the monarchy. Bring it!