Will & Kate’s dumbass commemorative coin


Will & Kate got married and lots of dumb shit was produced in their honour. Read and weep.

What better symbol of life, love and happiness than a cold hard little piece of metal that will hide away in a box only to be looked at once in a blue moon – also known as a commemorative coin.


At least if you collect one of those stupid spoons with a face on it, you will see the face every time you use the spoon – SEE and USE being the operative words. But I guess the point of a keepsake is not to be used but to be kept, in which case…

… a coin is the ultimate keepsake. When the sands of time have eroded away your power of thought, just whip out your trusty old commemorative coin to give your memory a quick jog – assuming your eyesite is good and the picture on the coin actually looks like the couple it emulates. Which is more than can be said for Will and Kate’s commemorative engagement coin, the image on which bears no likeness to Will and Kate.

Based on a photo of the couple taken at a polo match several years ago, the coin – minted in both gold and silver – was reportedly approved by Prince William and the Queen, which warrants the assumption that Queenie has misplaced her specs and Will is suffering an identity crisis.

How about we celebrate the Will * Kate’s engagement with a Laura Linney and Josh Duhamel coin or a Barbara Bush and Al Gore III coin? – at least that’s how readers and writers of the Washington Post have described the royal couple’s coin face. Acting, politics, royalty – it’s all the same anyway.

Beside that, what have Will and Kate actually done to warrant their heads on a coin – other than get engaged… along with fifty billion other people?

King Henry VIII – principal founder of the English Navy, leader of the refomation and founder of the Church of England; Prince William – comemmoration coin man: Kate Middleton – had sex with and agreed to wed commemorative coin man. Awesome.

You’ve gotta love royalty – not forgetting the suckers who line their pockets.