Will & Kate play ‘happy families’


Will & Kate got married and lots of dumb shit was produced in their honour. Read and weep.

A Royal Wedding Set for children. CUTE!

The Early Learning Centre has expanded its HappyLand range with the launch of an adorable wedding scene with Prince William and Kate, who sit in a gold trimmed horse-drawn carriage while The Queen, Prince Phillip and their favourite Corgi are protected by a Royal Cavalry soldier in full uniform and a foot soldier wearing a smart red jacket and bearskin helmet.

A little Corgi AND two little horses – excitement IS!

The Royal Wedding Set will see little girls enraptured by the pretend of ‘wedding wedding’, and less interested boys are sure to engage in gung ho games of ‘target the royals‘, ‘throw the pretty princess into the volcano’, ‘dinosaur eats the Queen’ or ‘Red Indians attack Westminster Abbey’ – the fun is endless.

It’s difficult to hate on the fat, round generic faces of HapppyLand’s royal characters, whose beady black eyes and wide smiles plead for attention. And might I add that Queenie has not a wrinkle…

…being cast in plastic has its advantages.

To make your purchase, visit The Early Learning Centre and hurry up because there is a £3 saving that makes the set an affordable £12.