Yakkety Yak #8…Rubbish-clad deities offer the world a second chance

Imagine the earth revolted against its mistreatment by vomiting up creatures of its torment; personifications of pain sent to pour anguish over its destroyers…

This terrifying picture is part of a recent exhibition entitled The Prophecy, which examines the plight of the world’s ecological issues through a series of haunting images. Artistic photographer Fabrice Monteiro travelled to the most polluted places in Africa to provide inspiration for the rubbish-clad deities depicted in is photographs. Having broken free from the womb of mother Gaia, these monsters, abominations designed by the apathy of humankind, saunter across vast landscapes of destruction and debris and yet menacing as these putrid princesses might be, they are also visions of hope (in the artist’s own words) and come with a message; that the world can be salvaged if we pay attention to it.

Source: Theguardian.com – “Gods of garbage – in pictures”