YakketyYAK #2…Wonder Woman

Lego’s soon-to-be launched female Superhero Range includes an apt representation of Wonder Woman’s equivocal history, argues Rantchick.



In time for the movie and in the wake of feminist backlash, Lego is set for the launch of Wonder Woman’s Dorm – one of seven scenarios in the brand’s new line of female superheroes. Sure, Wonder Woman may not have been the ideal choice as UN Girl’s Empowerment Ambassador – given that she was though up by a man with a bondage fetish and has spent her subsequent years flitting in and out of breast-enhancing, thigh-advancing apparel before she was made conveniently gay in an effort to negate the time she spent swooning in the shadow of Steve Trevor…plus she’s not even real – but this is a story for another time; more exactly Wonder Woman and Philosophydue out April 14, 2017. What we wanna talk about is Lego.

The heroine’s brick-made dorm room pays homage to the many faces Wonder Woman has portrayed over the years – from fighter to fashionista. A Lasso of Truth, a pair of indestructible bracelets and a tiara-cum-projectile equip Lego’s badass minifig with an arsenal true to origin but with an accompanying ‘techno station’ insinuating her role as denizen of the new millennium (what’s a superhero without a computer, right?). She has a motorbike with a mechanic station (tools included!) because of course Wonder Woman fixes her own engine. The dorm also comes kitted with a walk-in closet, reminiscent of the fashion boutique she opened in the 60s under the alias Diana Prince – after forgoing her powers as part of a choice to remain in man’s world (or, a man’s world?) whilst her fellow-Amazonians ditched earth for somewhere less crap.

In 2010, Wonder Woman’s costume was revamped with a jacket and pants, and post New 52 she was made over with more cover-up than ever before;  wearing a red top and boots, with pants and long sleeves. Lego’s followed suit with a suit, so to speak but whether Wonder Woman will continue wearing the pants with a Lego set that accurately encapsulates the ambiguities and complexities of one of popular culture’s favourite icons, will be up to the hands that wield her.

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