YakketyYAK #3…Trump

Happy Trump Day! Or not. xoxo Rantchick

There are many downsides to Donald Trump as American president but there is also a big positive: finally being able to use the scream emoji to its full effect – without irony or exaggeration; thanks Mr President.

Also, there is something else that we should be talking about, something that could seriously impact the world on an apocalyptic scale…and that’s alien abduction. It’s a fact that horror master Rob Zombie highlighted on his recent tour to London, to a sold-out audience at the Forum in Kentish Town; after which Rob heaved a pair of alien blowup dolls into the heart of his fan-circle as he played the epic Well, Everybody’s Fucking In A U.F.O. Which raises the question: why on earth are we contemplating the racism, misogyny and sexism of a man chosen by the people to rule their country when PEOPLE ARE FUCKING IN U.F.O.s? Catch a wake up people, catch a wake up!