YakketyYak #8…Jagged Little Pill goes to theatre

Oh the 90s…trolls, bomber jackets, crop tops, fringes, Gwen Stefani, LA Gear (with lights), Home Alone, cargo pants – and Jagged Little Pill.




Alanis Morissette’s album took a big fat, meaty bite out of this crazy-cruel world by confronting its undeniable brutality with a hefty dose of realism. It oozed a caustic melancholia that, through the angry, angsty whine of its songstress, managed to empower women rather than martyr them into defeatism. It tapped into a female consciousness that was itching to make its mind known; to admit that sometimes life is shit…love hurts, relationships are hard, guys are dicks and it might rain on your wedding day.

Or a black fly will land in your Chardonney.

Or you’ll pay for a stupid ride only to find out it’s free.


Morissette was only 19 when she recorded ‘Jagged’  and her album exudes the irritability of youth. Void of the the philosophical tolerance that life metes out as age and experience transpire, her songs were anthems of justifiable defiance to every girl growing up in the 90s − who revelled in a voice that didn’t mollycoddle or manipulate. And now, those kids − all grown up, some with their own kids − will get to relive Jagged Little Pill, in all its badass-ery, live on stage.

The album’s being turned into a musical. Written by Oscar-winning screenwriter Diablo Cody, with loads of help from Morissette herself, it’ll explore themes like gender identity and race; social expletives that have (sadly) lived on in transcendence of time and troll.

The show is set to premier on May 2018 at the American Repertory Theatre in Massachusetts, featuring Jagged Little Pill hits including Ironic, You Oughta KnowForgiven, Mary Jane, Head Over Feet, and All I Really Want – plus other songs from the singer’s repertoire.

“And I’m here to remind you
Of the mess you left when you went away…”

Bring it! We’re ready. Older, wiser (not really); ready for a slap in the face.