Zuma’s dingaling aka “The Spear”

What he did clearly shows his racist upbringing because art does not allow people to insult others. – Enoch Mthembu, spokesman for the Nazareth Baptist church (Shembe church)

Who’s the ‘he’ and what did he do?

He painted. He painted a picture of South African president Jacob Zuma with his genitals exposed as an “attempt at humorous satire of political power and patriarchy within the context of other artworks in the exhibition and within the broader context of South African discourse” – a superfluous explanation provided by artist Brett Murray. Art requires no explanation.

Two men, who took great offence to the ‘racism’ exuded in Murray’s artwork (entitled “The Spear”), entered the Goodman Gallery in Johannesburg where the painting was being displayed and vandalised the portrait with black and red paint – covering Zuma’s face and genitals.

Here’s an FYI Enoch Mthembu (and the ignoramuses who chose to destroy an artwork rather than hold a discussion or write a letter) : OF COURSE art ‘allows’ people to insult others, especially within a political context! Art, satire in particular, brings balance, and some degree of accountability, to an intrinsically corrupt system. Art, by its very nature, calls on artists to challenge societal perceptions and values. It denotes freedom of speech and the entitlement to interpretation.

If art offends; it has the right to do so.

Source: Guardian.co.uk – “Jacob Zuma painting vandalised in South African gallery